Turning 30!!! – Music Review

You can play the complete soundtrack here.

I started listening to Turning 30!!! after finding the “Tell Me Tell Me..” loop that appeared in the trailer sort of catchy. But to my dismay the title song had nothing interesting apart from the above-mentioned loop, with a middling tune and an arrangement pretty much at the same level.  Aditi Singh Sharma does a good job with the vocals, but in vain. Things get worse with the “profoundly” titled My Kajra sung by Saptak and Reecha, a safely avoidable song. Both the songs have remixes which are equally avoidable.

It is with the Hamza Faruqi-rendered Tinka Tinka that the composers get into repair mode. Tinka Tinka is still in the transition phase, and hence a neither-here-nor-there track. The folksy element does appeal, and so does Faruqi’s singing, but the arrangement falters in most places. A listenable track nevertheless. With Will You Marry Me Siddharth Suhas finally break even and move into positive territory.  The vocals are really engaging for its conversational volley between Suraj Jagan and Aparna Dauria and the composers provide a peppy arrangement to match. I would like to know the inspiration behind that techno-howl at 2:09 which is the only sore thumb in the whole affair. And in the closing track Sapney the composers produce the song of the soundtrack, a breezy melody imaginatively arranged and sung well by Suhaas Shetty.

Avoid the first two tracks of the album and Turning 30!!! is good to go. Though from the trailers, I doubt even this will be enough to give composers Siddharth-Suhas their much-deserved break in the industry.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Recommended Tracks:  Sapney, Will You Marry Me, Tinka Tinka