Ko – Music Review

With a cool, youthful, pop-based arrangement, Harris Jayaraj creates a perfect boy band-ish sound in Ennamo Yaedho, a feat he has achieved in a flawless fashion on multiple occasions in the past. Aalaap Raju, Prashanthini, Sricharan and Emcee Jesz ensure a perfect job from the vocals side as well, and the result is a totally addictive track. After such a wonderful opener, Gala Gala comes as a rude shock, at least the way it starts. The song gets into a marginally enjoyable groove later on with some innovative elements in the arrangement, but that’s still not going to give Gala.. a prolonged listenership.  Disappointing outcome for the vocal lineup it has in Tippu, Krish, Haricharan and Sayanora Philip. Venpaniye sounds pretty much like the regular Harris Jayaraj-Bombay Jayasree products, may be slightly different in arrangement, and slower. And the slowness and the repeat elements prove to be quite a deadly combo, the song getting EXTREMELY dragging as it progresses. Bombay Jayasree and Sriram Parthasarathy do their part soulfully, but that hardly helps.

Latter half of the soundtrack starts with Aga Naga, a hodge podge of frivolous lyrics and techno-based music. You might find it more interesting to read the elaborate singer list and wonder why they could have agreed for such a song, than actually listen to the song. It is another splendid set of singers wasted — Vijay Prakash, Tippu, Ranina Reddy, Priya Subramaniam, Solar Sai, Srik, Emcee Jesz. A brief respite happens in the form of the short anthemic Netril Potril sung wonderfully by Naresh Iyer, but the composer bows out with a mediocre final track AmaliThumali. In fact the song starts off pretty decently, albeit in a very HJ-ish manner, but then the jadedness grows on you as it goes on, and the other arrangement elements that the composer introduces, like the Punjabi flavor, fail to work much in the song’s favor. Hariharan, Chinmayi and Swetha Mohan’s rendition does provide some entertainment but that’s pretty much about it.

Barring the one gem in the form of Ennamo Yaedho, a middling score from Harris Jayaraj for Ko. Which is a huge letdown when compared to the score w he produced less than 2 months back.

Music Aloud Rating — 7/10

Recommended Tracks — Ennamo Yaedho, Netril Potril, Gala Gala

LOKI says:

1.ennamo yedho
3.amaLi thumuLi
4.aga naga
5.gaLa gaLa
6.netri pottiL(even though this 1 is awesome)

LOKI says:

Ko rocks …HARRIS back to TRACK….8.5/10 …..LOKI

prasad says:

amali thumili is a superb song. awaiting hjs dumili damili from nanpan and thukili kikli from 7am arivu. well done hj.

Udhay says:

Hey buddies, dont be fan for Harris sir foolishly. I like most of his previous musical albums. But The One And Only Worst Musical Album I have Ever Heard Frm Harris sir is KO. There is nothing NEW MUSIC. Or atleast No catchy lyrics(No catchy tunes also). Very much disappointed. Hope it should not happen for ‘NanBaN’ also.

Prem says:

Awasome KOO awasome the sogs r rocking he would get the best musian award and engeyum kadhal was also hi best and it his song which would catch the true lovers

Ajas says:

Guys don’t believe this review, because this album os awsome. All the songs are rocking..

Bargoo.P.yez says:

Nice album but it has some repetitive songs.Venpaniyae is something fresh,it doesn’t steal our heart at first but listen and listen surely this song willbe best. Kuviyamillaa is also one of the best song in this album. Netripottil is well done by Harris and Naresh. Aganaga is rare number of harris like puthu puthu from Dhaam dhoom. Amali thumali just copied of hasili fisili from Aadhavan and maayaa machindraa from Indian.Gala Gala also not a fresh one,it also heavily inspired from his own albums like Ullam kaetkumae (kanavugal) and Unnaalae unnaalae(hello miss).ENJOY.

Bargoo.P.yez says:

“Don’t compare everyone with others”

Bargoo.P.yez says:

Kuviyamillaa, Venpaniyae and Netripottil songs are performed by harris and singers well. Aganaga is some different number,Gala gala just reminds Muthal naal from Unnaalae Unnaalae,Amali thumali reminds Hasili fisili from Aadhavan and Maayaa machindra from Indian.Enjoy the songs.

Bargoo.P.yez says:

Hai to everyone,We won’t accept vip’s review.This album consists good songs(8/10) like 1.Kuviyamillaa, 2.Venpaniyae, 3.Netripottil, 4.Aganaga.Surely the above four songs are so nice.Enjoy the songs.