Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu (Once Upon A Warrior) – Music Review

One of the most attractive parts of Keeravani’s music is the way he employs the violin. In Ninnu Chudani too he lives upto his reputation, creating a mesmerizing template dominated by the violin and the accordion. Anuj Gurwara and Chaitra don’t disappoint on the vocals either. If not for the Telugu lyrics, Salim Sulaiman’s Prema Lekha would pass off for a standard Bollywood composition of theirs, a feeling reinforced by the fact that the singers happen to be Salim Merchant and Shreya Ghoshal. The accordion makes a brief appearance here too, giving this song also a mild East European flavor like the first song. Wonder if the plot has some European connection. But the duo totally nails the Yodha Theme, starting on a Celtic sound before finishing with a grand orchestral chorus, all in two minutes. Abhijit Vaghani’s remix of Prema Lekha is passable, accentuating the Romanic feel with an increased usage of accordion over the original.

It is with Koti’s entry that the soundtrack takes a slight dip, though not entirely due to his fault. The opulently orchestrated sinister track Pralaya Kaalaabhila should in all probability make for a very good watch, but on the audio front the situational nature stifles its entertainment value. Geetha Madhuri nevertheless does an excellent job of sounding all imposing and haughty. Tharumukosthundi Samayam is similar in sound and arrangement, and faces a similar fate, though it is wonderful to hear S P Balasubramanyam in all his glory! Things are wrapped up by Mickey J Meyer with a peach of a composition Chandamama Andagadini, a lilting Muslim-flavored tune packaged in an arrangement that is replete with interesting world music elements. And an excellent rendition by Karthik and Sahithi.

A wonderful soundtrack that is only going to get better on-screen with the kind of visuals signalled by the trailer. Which you can watch here, in case you haven’t already.

Music Aloud Rating — 8/10

Recommended Tracks — Chandamama Andagadini, Ninnu Chudani, Prema Lekha
VIP says:

@shiv: thanks.. 🙂 agree that prema lekha is a good one, but it is due to the very same evocation of songs like chaand sifaarish that i decided to lower it a bit.. good observation newyz.. 🙂

Shiv says:

One of the better reviews… Job well done.. The review itself deserves a 10 for all the jargon, mood-style, and the genre..Perfecto…

However, the song : Prema Lekha (and its remixed version) goes above MM Kreem’s number…It reminiscences the song of the yester years : Chand Sifaarish (and its renidition with a DJ track) from the movie Fanaa (atleast the background loop and the conduction)..