Pathinaaru – Music Review

Giving a modern packaging to a haunting tune so reminiscent of his dad in Ada Da En Meethu, Yuvan Shankar Raja starts off the soundtrack in style. With its scintillating interludes and spot-on vocals by Bela Shende and Hariharan the song is a delight. The composer seems to falter in places in his vocal bout, Yaar Solli Kaadhal. But interestingly those flaws don’t really stick out, and the composer makes up in any case with a beautiful arrangement. The man totally gets it right with the strings section every time!  Where he doesn’t quite get it right though, is in the next song called Kaattu Chedikku, Yuvan getting his brother Karthik Raja to do the vocals. While the tune is not very impressive, the less-than-perfect vocals of Karthik don’t help much either, and the song ends up one of the weaker tracks of the soundtrack.

The fusion angle of Vaanam Namadhe makes it a very engaging listen, Yuvan using an interesting array of instruments, mainly on the percussion side, to give a bouncy template for the prayer-like tune. And Shankar Mahadevan, being an old hand at the genre, delivers the track to perfection.  The composer stumbles once again with the theme music, failing to produce a really catchy tune, and weighing it down further with a heard-before arrangement.

Three good songs out of five. Decent closure to a relatively low-key year for Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Music Aloud Rating — 7.5/10

Recommended Tracks — Ada Da En Meethu, Vaanam Namadhe, Yaar Solli Kaadhal

sankari says:

YUVAN. You’re amazing ♥