Musical Google Doodles of 2010

Another year-end special from us. A compilation of all Google Doodles of 2010 that were dedicated to musicians. Some of them were global, and some were specific to countries so there is a good chance you would have missed at least a few of them. And if you feel like reading more about the musician just click on the name. So here goes..

Django Reinhardt (23rd January)

Frederic Chopin (1st March)

Antonio Vivaldi (4th March)

Umm Kulthum (3rd February)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (7th May)

Isaac Albeniz (29th May) – Can’t help sharing at this point, our writeup on what we consider his greatest ever composition, Asturias. You can read it and watch various mindblowing versions of the song here.

Robert Schumann (8th June)

Naomi Shemer (13th July)

John Lennon (9th October) – Arguably one of the best doodles of the year (To me, the only one ahead is the Pacman doodle!)

Dizzy Gillespie (21st October)

Carlos Gardel (11th December)

Edith Piaf (19th December)