Payback – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Dev Sikhdar kicks off his debut album on a positive note with Jaane Kab, a very soothing breezy melody. Aika Dajiba girl Vaishali Samant and Ashish Om make good use of their classical base to deliver the song to a tee. The composer himself gets behind the microphone with Payal to deliver the pop-ish Jee Le which is engaging too, with some really interesting points in the arrangement. The remix gives the song a techno-pop avatar which seems quite fitting for the tune. Dev slightly falters in Taqdeer Ki Sadak Pe though, with a dated sort of tune, but makes amends in the arrangement, and with Kunal Ganjawala’s soulful rendition. The final song, Road Pe, is also interesting only in parts, like the grungy guitar portions. The mediocrity of the base tune however becomes its undoing. The remix does not make it any better.

For a soundtrack I started listening to with zero expectations, Payback is a pleasant surprise. Waiting to see which way Dev Sikhdar goes after this interesting debut.

Music Aloud Rating — 7.25/10

Recommended Tracks — Jaane Kab, Jee Le