Toonpur Ka Superrhero – Music Review

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Despite a tame base tune, the techno pop arrangement Let’s Go To Toonpur is pleasantly engaging, the Tunak Tunak Tun refrain especially standing out. Going by the style of the song, wonder if the Bhangra pop specialist singers Veronica, Mumzy Stranger and H’Dhami had any hand in the composition as well. Remix does not deviate much from the original apart from adding a couple more techno and Punjabi elements. Nach Mere Naal on the other hand does not inspire even on the arrangement front, Anu Malik employing some thoroughly dated instrumentation in a remixed format. Master Salim, Alisha and Mumzy do a commendable job on the vocals but that is not enough to save the song. Remix is equally, if not more, unimpressive.

The title song starts off in a way suggestive of Anu Malik getting into repair mode, with a folksy flute portion. And the orchestral arrangement that follows does seem fit to extol a superhero, but once again it’s the tune where the composer falters. The base tune does not belong to this decade, and not even Javed Ali and Roop Kumar Rathore can make you ignore that fact. But in the next song, Rubdoot, he truly does make amends, creating an engaging collage of tunes fusing bhajan, western, qawwali and some Bollywood tunes seamlessly. Going by the lyrics this song will be a visual treat for kids. The soundtrack ends on a middling note with another stale track, Baliye. This time even the vocalists fail to impress despite the lineup consisting of Shaan, Alisha and Hard Kaur, the fake accent annoying at times.

Disappointing soundtrack. Barring Rubdoot not even a single kids’ song! And Anu Malik seriously needs to wake up to the fact that he is not living in the 90s anymore.

Music Aloud Rating – 4/10

Recommended Tracks – Rubdoot, Lets Go To Toonpur