332 Mumbai To India – Music Review

Vinod Rathore‘s voice always gives this 90s feel to any song I have felt. But thats not the only reason for Amchi Mumbai sounding yesteryear, composer Shamir Tandon has included enough elements in the arrangement to bring in the feel, and quite commendably so. His next song again coming in Vinod‘s voice, does not work that well though. Unmaad Ranjit is more of a chant than a song, and of a very wearisome type due to uninspiring arrangement. But the alternate version is a considerable improvement, with rock elements thrown in to good effect and Tauseef Akhtar doing a fab rendition.

Sunil Singh does a decent arrangement for Maula Mere Maula, but spoils it with his own mediocre singing. At least he hasn’t anyone else to blame for wasting his efforts. 🙂 Band Inferno does a pretty good rock-based revamp of Saare Jahaan Se Achcha, though with their vocals even they cause a fair bit of damage to the composition. Not as bad as Maula anyways, and hence this one is still enjoyable. The instrumental piece called Lost In Darkness is pretty functional and hence works in parts, though not enjoyable as a track.

A middling soundtrack with a couple of songs that will linger on for a bit longer. Pretty much expected for a movie like 332 Mumbai to India.

Music Aloud Rating — 5.5/10

Recommended Tracks — Amchi Mumbai, Unmaad Ranjit (Alternate)

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