Admissions Open: Music Review

admissions openGoing by Amit Trivedi‘s standards Aasman Ke Paar is pretty mediocre, just the run-of-the-mill pop stuff. Despite the composer’s clever use of instruments in places the song doesn’t hold interest for long. Totally  not worth the talents of five singers the likes of Raman Mahadevan, Shilpa Rao, Joi Barua, Tochi and Amitabh Bhattacharya. Don’t miss the mandolin sequence in the last 35 seconds though! The club mix is a perfect fit for the pop song however, and for a change I rate the remix higher than the original! Amit makes a fleeting return to his Dev D days with the rock track Dariya Ubale, a Bonnie Chakraborthy-esque Shon Pinto and Amitabh Bhattacharya doing a neat job behind the microphone. Interestingly the baseline in the initial few seconds reminded me of the initial baseline of Alisha (Pyaar Impossible). Quite obviously a coincidence.
Things move a notch up the entertainment curve with the next song, a dreamy sort of composition called Meri Rooh. Naresh Iyer and Aditi Singh Sharma complement the arrangement well with their impeccable vocals. Kavita Seth is joined by her son Kavish in a flippant song extolling the virtues of music. After having heard Kavita in songs such as Iktara and Mujhe Mat Roko, Music Hi Hai came as a surprise (A pleasant one I must add! 🙂 ). And true to its lyrics, yeh gaana bhi mann ko behkaaye! 🙂 Amit reserves the best for the last, Shruti Pathak is the lucky one to sing an absolute cracker of a track called Roshni. Another song to add to the Dev D line, this one is again marked by its smart arrangement transcending genres. Also interesting to note the harmonium/accordion accompaniment which strangely seems to have been part of many of Amit’s best comps now. And Shruti doesn’t let Amit’s brilliance go waste, delivering the song comfortably.
It is interesting to see Amit Trivedi’s albums come out at around the same time that ARR releases one of his soundtracks. With Delhi 6 there was Dev D. And now this. And I am sure like last time Amit will make his mark among the music lovers with Admissions Open as well in spite of Raavan, thanks to his brilliant score. *Respect* to Amit Trivedi for consistently succeeding in making his presence felt in spite of being pitted against someone as imposing as A R Rahman. Looking forward to your next one!

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10
Recommended Listens: Roshni, Meri Rooh, Dariya Ubale

deepak jain says:

Raavan is an ultimate score boss……never underestimate ARR……admissions open is good as amit has done some nice job….but RAAVAN is a very strong contender…..very strong…..behene de ,ranjha ranjha are examples of masterpieces….i liked roshini and mere rooch….roshini sounds very similar similar to shaggy’s song…..

MarkSpizer says:

great post as usual!