Happy Birthday Rahman!

AR_Rahman_300Our friend Anusha joins us today in wishing A R Rahman a very happy birthday!

I asked my friend when it was that he started recognising Rahman. He said that he started his search for him after he heard the violin interlude in ‘Veerapandi Kotaiyile’ from ‘Thiruda Thiruda’. For me it was ‘Minnale’ from ‘May Maadham’. For many others it must have been ‘Roja’ itself. Whatever the song, Rahman has grown a lot from thence. For music, it’s age no bar. That’s why, the Isai Puyal(“Musical Storm”) like his fans (or fanatics call him!!!) still celebrates music like a child. From National awards to Oscars and in the year 2010, the Grammies (All the best!!), ARR is going to decorate his house with every possible sculpture available in the world of music. He has made writers rephrase the following line: ‘His music has created waves throughout India’ to ‘His music has created floods throughout the world!!!’.With Slumdog millionaire, the whole world took note of him as a creator with a different essence of music. He is spreading music now amongst the talented with his KMMC (started last year).

On his birthday, we humbly wish this maestro and just want to say the words which have always been told to him in different forums, but are indeed true, ‘We are proud to say we live with you, to see you, to hear you!!!’

Happy birthday Rahman!!!!

Sreejith says:

my family was on a roadtrip from mysore to trivandrum when we bought a tape of Roja. For 1 whole day we listened to the music. been hooked ever since 🙂