Daily Quiz #74

Got this question from another quizzing site.

What is this? (remember there should be a musical connection)


Answer in comments.

Answer: This is Spinal Tap, famous as the name of the fictional heavy metal band which was also subject of a mockumentary titled “This is Spinal Tap”. Cracked by Debasish, Mahesh, Kaushik.

Kaushik Saha says:

Spinal Tap

mahesh says:

Spinal Tap

Nirad Inamdar says:

There’s a band called The Needles

the flightless one says:

Tattoo of Blood by Lou Reed??

Dante says:

Lumbar puncture – called an LP!

(All medical knowledge courtesy of Dr. House)

Debasish says:

This is Spinal Tap 🙂