Merry Christmas!

The team of MusicAloud wishes all its readers a very merry and musical Christmas!

While you are enjoying your gifts and candies, we give you a musical gift by bringing to you some of the rare Christmas songs we hope you will enjoy.

We three Kings on the Hang Drum – I am in love with this instrument

Zero: Christmas in July – Not exactly a Christmas Song; nevertheless enjoy!

Blackmore’s Night: Emanuel

Jethro Tull: A Christmas Song – Performed by lead man Ian Anderson

Beatles: Christmas Time

Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley O Come All Ye Faithful – An Old tune performed by the genius

Johnny Cash – Performing some good old carols!

Jimi Hendrix – Finally, the master performing Christmas songs!

This year also saw the legendary Bob Dylan releasing his Christmas album. Here are some snippets from his album.

To leave you on a funny note watch this video of carols from David Letterman’s Late Show.