Music Review: Pyaar Impossible

pyaar-impossible-poster01Ek thi Ladki with lyrics almost conversational, chorus, which gets irritating at times and an average tune which one often hears otherwise, has decent arrangement. The track hence will probably not turn one off during the movie. Though its not what one expects finding Vishal Dadlani (read it isn’t the powerful rocksy track) in the credits, the title track is worth a few listens (Not sure if I should call this the “title track”, considering the title makes it appearance in almost every song!). Starting off with clean strumming, it delivers what it promises, sung stylishly by Dominique Cerejo and Vishal. The arrangement is neat with clean guitars, basic drums with the ride cymbals and high hats used with subtlety and small piano rolls used to good effect. The remix has also been decently done by Abhijit Vaghani. Starting with an interesting bass loop, Alisha is stylish in parts, sung by Anushka Manchanda and Salim Merchant. The tune is not exceptional (the male parts are all average) except in some parts like in the beginning where it is catchy. The arrangement is one aspect which is consistently good throughout the album. The remix by Abhijit in this case just about passes muster, though nowhere near the original.  10 on 10 sung by Mahua Kamat, Anushka and Naresh Kamath starts with a textbook guitar riff and goes on predictably. Again, the track doesn’t stand out, but is not bad either. So is the pop-ish You and Me rendered by Neha Bhasin and Benny Dayal, with ordinary lyrics as in most of this album. That is the problem with the whole soundtrack of Pyaar Impossible. All the songs are clearly above hygiene level, but lacking in impact. Considering the form Salim Sulaiman have been in, one would expect more. Hope they don’t get into a repetitive mode, which one tends to with a lot of similar kind of movies.

Rating : 6/10

Recommended Tracks:  Pyaar Impossible, Alisha