De Dana Dan – Music Review

de dana danRishte Naate has a lot more similarities with Aaj Din Chaddeya from Love Aaj Kal than just the Rahat Fateh Ali element, unlike what Pritam claimed in his interview last week. For that matter even Aaj Din.. wasn’t the first one from Pritam in that league, but the likeness to this one is rather stark. Nevertheless considering the agreeability of the melody the platitude factor can be overlooked at least for this last time. One more such tune and it might be one too many. And I hope Pritam desists from getting Rahat to deliver such melodies in the future, he is the major contributor to the triteness. The English part by Suzanne D’Mello, as goes with most English sequences in Hindi songs these days, is totally unnecessary. It does however fit well into DJ Khushi’s pop version delivered by Kunal Ganjawala. More stereotypes follow with Paisa; RDB, Manak-E and Selina rendering a very banal Punjabi tune set to the background of Usher’s now much overused hook from Yeah. Disappointing this, coming from RDB. DJ Amyth’s remix can also be safely avoided.

Pritam finds it hard to shake off his past works’ influence in Gale Lag Jaa as well, the guitar riffs strongly suggestive of the fact. The song nevertheless passes muster, thanks majorly to Javed Ali and Banjyotsna’s (Of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Ek Main Aur Ek Tu fame I suppose) singing. Listening to this song I couldn’t help pondering over Javed Ali eating into KK’s market share, coz on any other day this song might have undoubtedly gone to KK. The remix makes for a decent listen as well, not having done a drastic makeover of the original. Dominique Cerejo, Mika and Style Bhai do a commendable job in rendering Baamulaiza, Pritam spot on in bringing the caribbean feel. But what the hell are Urdu lyrics doing in a calypso?? The first remix, or the “ragga mix“, is a redundancy in this case with hardly any perceptible difference from the original. The second remix, however, has enough “enhancements” to make it skippable!

The wooden spoon goes hands down to Hotty Naughty for its exquisite combination of obtuse lyrics and a dull tune. Wonder why Sunidhi Chauhan even signed up for this song! In the remix version Kalpana Patwari Zubeen gets to make a rather forgettable Bollywood debut. The female does sing well though, quite matching up with Sunidhi in the exuberance level. Hope her foray into Bollywood doesn’t end with this. The title song by Ad Boys also follows a similar path, but the tune in this case is a tad more catchy, making it endurable.

Pritam’s sixth outing with Priyadarshan definitely counts among his worst scores to date. Overwork seems to be getting the better of Pritam finally, in 2009.

Music Aloud rating – 5/10

Recommended tracks – Rishte Naate, Baamulaiza, Gale Lag Jaa

Adam Craig says:

paisa is a cut and paste of usher’s yeah! from the confessions album(2004)