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The last picture could be difficult to identify but I got the the idea for the question from him. Anyways we are asking only for the connect. Answer in comments.

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Apologies for not posting a question today.. Due to technical reasons we were unable to post the question on time. We shall make up for it by posting 2 questions tomorrow.

Answer: The exact answer I was looking for was Jerusalem/And  did those feet in ancient times

1)”And did those feet in ancient time” is a short poem by William Blake from the preface to his epic Milton a Poem.

2) Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden covered Jerusalem in his album The Chemical Wedding

3) The title of the movie Chariots of Fire is taken from the poem

4) Eddie Izzard was a vague reference. He had referred to the poem in one of his gigs “Circle”. Watch it, it’s hilarious..

Since no one cracked it completely, I am giving points to anybody who said William Blake. So Points to Abhishek Chakraborty, Vivek N D, Rosh and the flightless one. Some answers were quite creative..

Quoting Rosh “the theme from the movie inspired Eddie Izzard to run the marathons.” lol

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Anirudh says:

@Rosh: I did not know that.. Anyways.. you got the point..

Rosh says:

LOL…I know the Izzard connect was quite a stretch 😉 But I found this in a Chicago news article:

“Izzard just finished an epic 1,100 mile run across Britain this past week in a bid to raise money for the U.K. charity Sport Relief. Somehow channeling Forrest Gump he ran up to 27 miles a day – uhm, a marathon is only 26.2 miles. He didn’t do it alone though, he was followed by a BBC film crew, his manager, a sports therapist and an ice cream truck that randomly played the theme from “Chariots of Fire” to keep him motivated.”

suvajit chakraborty says:

chariots of fire

Rosh says:

Chariots of Fire. A line from the poem by William Blake; the poster from the movie; the theme from the movie inspired Eddie Izzard to run the marathons.

Vivek N D says:

Popular works in music inspired by William Blake(in image 1).
Bruce Dickinson’s(image 2) The Chemical Wedding was drawn from Blakes works.
Poster (image 3) of Chariots of Fire, the song was written by Blake, music by someone else.

the flightless one says:

the connect looks to be Iron Maiden.. there’s bruce dickinson, william blake (the album “The Chemical Wedding” is inspired by Blake’s work) and Eddie Izzard (Eddie is Iron Maiden’s mascot. don’t know how everything connects with chariots of fire.

abhishek chakraborty says:

the connect is William blake.