Announcing.. Director’s Cut!!

While it is our endeavour to write about all sorts of music on this website, we have noticed that we have not been able to do enough justice to our readers’ favourite category, Bollywood music.  Although we do review songs from the latest Hindi movies, we have only just started the website and are missing out on some of the great classic music of olden times. And with that intention we announce the launch of Director’s Cut, a section where we shall be reviewing Bollywood music of yore.  In this section, however, we expect a lot of participation from our fans.

One way to review old Hindi music would be to review individual songs or albums/movies. This is, however, a very boring way of going about this venture and has been done by a lot of other blogs. If we pick music directors and review their works then it would not do justice to review the works of stalwarts such as RDB in a single article. So we pick the one thing that Hindi movies have been most criticised about and do our reviews on that.

Hindi movies have often been criticised for having song-and-dance sequences that are completely unnecessary. However, we believe that there have been some directors that have been able to use music very well into their movies. So, we will review directors based on their taste of music and their ability to incorporate it well into the movie. Both the good ones and the not-so-good ones, mind you.

So, here is what we do. We pick a director and rate him based on the following parameters.

1) His/her general taste in music.

2) How well he/she fits the songs into the flow of the movie.

3) How well do the lyrics match up to the story of the movie.

4) Has he/she been successful in picking upcoming artists for his/her movies.

At the end of each article we plan to give out the name of the next director we would like to cover so that readers can send in your comments to us at response [at] musicaloud [dot] com. We would then add your views in our upcoming article.

We shall be kicking off the series later this week, with Hrishikesh Mukherjee. So folks, get mailing. We look forward to a great response from all our followers in making this section an enjoyable experience!