Quiz #33

A slightly difficult connect today.


Answer in comments.

Answer: The song is “Paper Puli” by the Indian band Thermal and a Quarter and the picture is that of Mao Tse Tung.

Paper Puli in Malayali translates to Paper Tigers a term coined by Mao.

Cracked by flightless one and Dante.

Wasi Manazir says:

March of the Volunteers?

Dante says:

The song is “Paper Puli” by TAAQ. Mao Zedong said something like “All reactionaries are paper tigers”.

the flightless one says:

the song is “paper puli” by Thermal and a Quarter. the connection with Mao is to do with his description of the US as a ‘paper tiger’, harking back to an old chinese phrase meaning ‘something that looks or sounds threatening but is rather harmless’