Teree Sang – Music Review

Anu Malik is totally out of gas, as is evident from his flicks of late. And he continues his (lack of) form in Teree Sang. His first song, Chal Mera Haath, is replete with stereotyped beats and a dull tune. His daughter Anmol Malik is decent on the vocals though. His next song is an even more unimpressive Lal Quile, where he attempts a rap akin to Ashok Kumar’s Rail Gaadi from Aashirwad. Even Anmol and Shaan’s singing do little to capture your interest. The best that can be said about the two numbers from Anu Malik is that they would sound way better when you listen to Bappi Lahiri’s Miss Baabloo!! Rendered by the man himself, this song is totally mindless and annoying. For that matter I have been annoyed with Bappida eversince he made that ridiculous claim about Jai Ho being inspired from his Ramba Ho. Coming back to the album however, Bappida does a surprise rebound next with Tere Bin. A song slightly reminiscent of Kailasa’s Teri Deewani in its progression, Raja Hasan and Sumedha Karmahe splendid on the vocals (Darbar I guess the raag is). Sumedha, by the way, was a finalist on SaReGaMaPa 07. Wonder where she was all this while. The debutant composer duo Sachin-Jigar make their entry with the pop style I will be there for you sung by Dominique and Clinton Cerejo. Next up is Leja Leja, a soft melody well arranged and rendered wonderfully by another debutante, Jahnvi Shrimankar and Salim (Shehzada I guess, from the voice). Maula Mila De, their next song, is a very engaging Sufi rock number sung to good effect by Suhail. Following up on the same mood, the duo belt out a second sufi rock song, Morey Saiyan, this time getting behind the mike themselves. And this one is even better than the previous one. The first interlude is totally engrossing with the classicalized guitar sequence (I have my doubts that it is Niladri Kumar on electric Sitar, as he did in Alvida from Metro). The duo sign off the album with a milder and folksy Rab Milya, coming out in Jigar’s voice. While Jigar has done a good job of the singing, Sachin and Jigar once again prove their astuteness with the orchestration.
Sachin-Jigar totally steal the thunder with their five songs in Teree Sang. Bappi Lahiri does a schizophrenic act, giving one totally crappy track and another very enjoyable number. And as for Anu Malik, consistency is the word! And hey, a soundtrack devoid of any remix!!

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