David Garrett’s Encore

garrett-encoreCame across this compilation of David Garrett’s 2008 album Encore while I was looking for his recently oft discussed violin cover of MJ’s Smooth Criminal. And what a good find it turned out to be. While this 16-track album features covers of songs ranging from Smooth Criminal to AC/DC‘s Thunderstruck to Queen‘s Who Wants To Live Forever?, David also plays some popular western classicals like Vivaldi’s Summer (Four Seasons), Brahms’ Hungarian Dance #5 etc. David Garrett, for the uninitiated, is the 2010 Guinness Book official entry for the fastest violinist in the world. That must be more than enough of an intro I guess!! Enjoy the album.

Smooth Criminal (Incidentally I found a better violin cover of Smooth Criminal played by Alex Depue which can be seen in the second half of this video. Staccato is just awesome for the song!)

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Clair Du Lune

He’s a Pirate


Hungarian Dance No.5

Chelsea Girl


O Mio Babbino Caro



New Day

Ain’t No Sunshine

Rock Prelude

Winter Lullaby

Zorba’s Dance

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