Sankat City – Music Review

sankat-cityRendered by the ebullient Sukhwinder Singh and Ranjit Barot, Mumbai One Way Nagri starts off on a promising note, the middle-eastern harmonium riff and everything. But even before you are halfway through, boredom starts to set in, thanks mainly to a stale tune. There are small segments where the song sounds interesting but when taken as a whole Mumbai loses out. Which brings us to the second song Ghoom Ghoom. Listening to the Ghoom Ghoom segment I had a scare thinking that I was going to listen to a Himesh-type (I am talking of the type that got annoyingly overused following Aashiq Banaya..) number. Thankfully it wasn’t to be so. After the initial part it moves to a more jazz-ish line. And this song, though a better one than the first by virtue of its freshness, again isn’t that engaging. For one thing it seem to be a hotchpotch of tunes. I couldn’t quite connect the various components. The singers Roop Kumar Rathod, June Bannerjee and Ranjit Barot do their part neatly however. Mister Hua Hai Aisa Haal Kyun is the best song of the album, though I got reminded of Pink Panther theme song on listening to this. This is another jazz song sung beautifully by June Bannerjee. This female has got a tremendous future ahead of her for sure. There is also a remix version of the same song which just reduces the jazz component and adds a lot of techno elements in the first 2 minutes. The song then changes pace and goes back to its jazz form.That again lasts for just 2 minutes following which it again regains its pace and techno elements. A strange sort of remix I should say. But entertaining nevertheless. Last song of the pack, Sha La La (She Is a Bad Girl) has the MD doing a solo. A slow paced soft rock song, it has a mix of Hindi and English lyrics and makes for a nice and relaxing listen.

Agreed that this is a comedy movie but coming from Ranjit Barot I expected more. In any case on the positive side there are two good songs that will occupy my playlist for some days to come.

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