Agyaat – Music Review

agyaatJai Shiv Bum Shambhu is an entertaining song, mainly for its bum bhole kind of percussion fused with techno music. Typically it is a Dum Maaro Dum kind of number, meant for a similar situation as is evident from the lyrics. The only turnoff is the Jai Jai Shiv Shankar at the end of the mukhda which sounds a lot like Hare Krishna Hare Ram. Runa Rizvi sounds totally different from her previous outing in Jaane Tu.. The male counterpart is Bonnie Chakraborthy. This guy is spelt so differently in each of his songs that I am having great difficulty tracking him. This time he has been credited as Boony in most sites!! The next song, Kiss You Day and Night sung by Bhaven, Banjotsna, Earl and Jankee, is a Pritamesque dance number reminiscnent of songs like Zara Zara. I liked the middle eastern sounding motif. Though not a great song it will find its buyers among the pub hoppers for sure. Its remix isn’t a lot different from the original as it was already loaded with a lot of techno stuff already. I found the kissing sound employed in the remix revolting though!! In Khoobsurat Bapi and Tutul deliver the best song of the album (I have decided to discount the faint resemblance to Tu Muskura from Yuvvraaj). Shweta Pandit and Vickeey B Joshi have rendered the breezy song with finesse. I didn’t quite like Vickeey’s voice though. Good return by Shweta though, after a series of low key songs over the past two years. Sun Sakte Ho is the title song and conveys the horror mood of the movie pretty well. Keka Ghoshal has sung well with Bapi. Though not exactly a hummable song given its genre it serves its purpose properly. Jungle Jungle sung by Jankee and Imran is the avoidable song of the pack, the typical noisy fast number. And the last song Na Koi, second song by Shweta in the movie, is another horror song, again a title song. I couldn’t fathom the reason for having made two title songs, but that in no way takes any credit off the composer duo. Na Koi is even better than the previous one.
Well what can I say!! When I started listening to this album I didn’t have a lot of expectations of it, given the previous exploits of Ramu-Bapi-Tutul combo. But Agyaat has been a pleasant surprise, a definite improvement on their history. Good effort guys!!

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