Jashnn – Music Review

jashnnWhenever the Bhatt family has come out with a new movie, the most looked upon aspect has always been the music. And the Bhatts have never disappointed on that front. Even with a wide variety of composers tried out, they have maintained the consistency in the quality of their music. Hence expectations have been pretty high from their latest work as well, Jashnn.
Main Chala is the best song of the album, Nouman Javaid doing a brilliant job with the music and the vocals. With just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment for most part, Nouman Javaid sounds almost like Mohit Chauhan delivering this quiet melody. The starting guitar reminds one of songs like Led Zep’s Stairway to Heaven. A faster unplugged version of the same song is also equally wonderful, but woefully short. Another offering from Nouman comes in the form of Dard-e-Tanhai, another soulful and haunting melody. Though reminiscent of some other recent songs from the Bhatt stable, it still is an engaging track. Even the pepped up Kilogram mix version is a good listen. Toshi and Sharib enter with Aish Kar Le, a lively track. The vocals done by the duo themselves, is not that up to the mark, especially due to the voice quality, but the music makes you forget all such shortcomings. Two other songs from the twosome have KK on the vocals. Aaya Re, though pacy, sounds a bit hackneyed in places and is not bound to make a lasting impression, in spite of KK. Nazarein Karam, however, is well orchestrated and splendidly sung by KK and Shreya Ghoshal, the motif coming alternately in vocals and instrumentals especially standing out. As expected, this one too has a remix version. Fortunately this one too is worth listening with no indiscriminate modifications made to the actual tune. The final track of the album is by Sandesh Shandilya, rendered by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal. Sandesh is a music director who always delivers and Tere Bin is no exception either. A typical Bollywood tune with a not-so-Bollywood instrumentation marks a fitting end to the wonderful soundtrack. With such a wide array of tunes at his disposal, I sometimes wonder what Sandesh Shandilya is doing being one among many composers giving a tune or two for the occasional movie rather than going full on with a complete Bollywood soundtrack. Coming back to Jashnn however, the Bhatt household has again proven their reliability when it comes to the music in their movies. Please go get the CD if you don’t want to miss out on a musical treat.

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raaz says:

all songs is gud but 2 songs of nouman javaid that’s sooooooooooooooo great lyrics music voice 3 in 1 n its nouman javaid he is sooooooo gud in singing