Runway – Music Review

runwayAfter a decent offering in 99 (Whats Up) Shamir Tandon returns with a full-fledged soundtrack in Runway. Though I say full-fledged, I have my doubts that Khuda Ke Liye has been done by Roxen themselves. The album comprising of four songs and three remixes has been penned by Shabbir Ahmed.

Khuda Ke Liye

Quintessential Roxen stuff this. Mustafa Zahid’s rendition replete with emotions makes for an involving listen. The remix version however spoils the whole effect and is safely avoidable.

Teri Yaadein

The guitar playing in the background sounds almost like an electric veena, with its classicalized playing et al. Listening to KK’s flawless singing and the general instrumentation of the song, one gets reminded of songs from Life In a Metro. I am not talking of it in a degrading sense mind you. Full credit to Shamir Tandon for this one. The remix version is also a passable track, though the effect isn’t quite the same. It never is for remixes mostly!!

Roshan Dil Ka Jahan

A retro-sounding track sung by Shaan and Sunidhi. Though there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the song it starts getting boring after a bit. In this case for a change the remix version sounds better than the actual one!! The techno effects succeed in making the song more enjoyable. Raaj replaces Shaan on the male vocals in the remix.

Pyaasi Machuriya

Another one of those folksy item numbers rendered as usual by Sunidhi. Sunidhi sings this one too with elan, but the song offers nothing new over the umpteen number of item numbers that we are having these days. And for that reason I give this song a thumbs down.
Shamir Tandon has done a fairly commendable job in Runway. Or so I feel. It could even be the relativity effect after having listened to Kirkit!! Either ways, at least two songs from Runway are going to be on my playlist this week.

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