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sikandarSikandar is a suspense thriller starring Parzan Dastur, Ayesha Kapur, Madhavan and Sanjay Suri slated for release on March 27. The music composition has been divided among Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Justin-Uday and Sandesh Shandilya and lyrics also follow suit, being written by Prasoon Joshi, Neelesh Misra and Kumaar. Here is Music Aloud’s verdict on the album.

Dhoop Ka Sikka

Starting off on a nursery rhyme-ish note from Anusha Mani, this is a typical song from the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy arsenal. It contains elements of rock music, classical music etc in it and does remind one of their older tunes in places. A pleasant and refreshing song nevertheless. Apart from Anusha Mani the song also has Shankar Mahadevan on the vocals, who adds to the beauty of the song by throwing in some of his sargam in the second interlude. Anusha Mani had earlier sung Lazy Lamhe in Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic for the same composers.

Gulon Mein

This song pays tribute to the eminent Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The lyrics are taken from an old Urdu poem written by him, which has been used in ghazals by legends like Mehdi Hassan and Runa Laila in the past. The composers Justin Yesudas and Uday Kumar have done a splendid job of adapting the ghazal song to create a totally new tune that is heard in the serene version of the song. These guys have got real talent, and I hope they make it big in Bollywood for their sake. If you want more instances of what this duo is capable of, I recommend to you Koi Na Jaane from Hijack. It was rather unfortunate that the song never got the credits that it should have. Coming back to this song however, the rendition style of Mohit Chauhan bears slight resemblance to his Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met.
While Justin-Uday create a soothing tune out of Gulon Mein, Sandesh Shandilya goes the other way to create a slightly peppier version of the same song, with a totally different tune. And he aptly chooses KK to lend voice to this song. Sandesh Shandilya is another unfortunate man who never really got his due in Bollywood in spite of some unforgettable tunes like Bhaage Re Mann in Chameli, Piya Basanti Re etc.


This is a traditional song sung without any accompaniments by a boy named Mehrajuddin from Aru in Jammu & Kashmir.

Allah Hoo

A sufi song sung by Yash Narvekar and Hrishikesh Kamerkar, and composed by Justin-Uday again. The song starts off on an unimpressive note but gets better as it progresses. The singers have done a good job, but the chants of Allah Allah appearing intermittently in the background could have been tuned in a better manner. Barring that and the first stanza, the song is a good listen.


The starting stanza of this song reminded me a bit of Dhol Bajne Laga from Viraasat. Sung by Shilpa Rao, this song is the least impressive of the four songs from the composer duo in the album.

Chaal Apni

A beautiful song, the fourth from Justin-Uday and sung by Hamsika Iyer and Hrishikesh Kamerkar. Hamsika Iyer if you remember is the same singer who sang Chanda Re in Eklavya. The instrumentation of the song gives a folksy feel to it, and reminds one of songs like Koyal Si Teri Boli from Beta, except that this one has a more Southie touch to it.

To sum up, Sikandar gives the listener his money’s worth. With three out of their four songs turning out well, hopefully this will be the big break for Justin Yesudas and Uday Kumar who have the potential to gain a place among the top music directors of Bollywood.

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MADDY ROCKS……………………………………………..

VIP says:

I was specifically looking for a plucking of violin somewhere when you said pizzicato. Thanks for your comments anyways. Looking forward to more of them in future.

Music Lover says:

strings pizz.(instruments that give bounce to the track) play throughout the track, but can only be heard in some portion of the song,

Anyways, enjoy Sikandar. !!

VIP says:

Thanks for the compliment.

@Music Lover
Thanks for an insightful and detailed review.But try as I might, I couldn’t discern a pizzicato portion in Chaal Apni, only santoor. Could you specifically point out the part you were talking about?

Music Lover says:

SEL Song Dhoop Ke sikke sounds good but sounds like a rejected song of taare Zameen par from the final sequence of Drawing competition. I think Mr Piyush Jha wouldnt have ever dreamt of it. The Mix sounded very rough. i think people in music industry call it Rough Mix.

Justin Yesudas and Uday Ninjoor’s songs are superb, The melodies are very nice but the mixes sound very cheap, Being a music aficionado i could straight away make out wrong reverberations, Delays and lack of proper textures in sound.

Drums in Gulon Mein sound atrocious. Now come on friends “was the drummer on Red Bull”

Chaal Apni was nice but did i hear pizzacato somewhere in the background or was that something else… It was very gobbled up mix.

Allah Hoo – Ohhhh God Firstly when i heard it i felt my Official CD sounded like a Fone AMR format. I like the song personally but it is so long it gets boring.

Maanzraat – this is the only song that sounds a little better out of four songs of Uday & Justin. But the singing sounded very TV type (dailysoap) . The distortion guitars are very nicely processed. Over all a better sounding song.

Sandesh Shandilya’s song sounds out of place in all. its a good song but at some places KKs singing becomes very nasal. but that a nice song. I guess in this album this song only sounds bright and Mixed. though the song loses dynamics because half way through the song everything is loud.

Overall – SEL – Your song is very nice. Ti ri ri .. is very catchy. nice job

Uday Ninjoor & Justin Yesudas – Guys your recordings are very good and nicely orchestrated but Mixes also matter. I am a consumer and i can make out such flaws. Please work on it.

Sandesh Shandilya – Your song is also nice, KK has done justice. Cheers.

Overall again i love Justin & Udays songs more.

Go out and Buy the Album and you will not regret buying it, Nice songs and a nice learning album.

Music Lover.

Ajay says:

thanx for the review.
gr8 job….