Kisse Pyaar Karoon – Music Review

kisse-pyaar-karoonA no-brainer comedy flick with three heroes and three heroines. Music composed by a mediocre music director who has so far failed to make his mark in Bollywood, except as the brother of famed music director Anu Malik. Clearly not a combo that would have you running to the music store to get hold of the music album. So it was not with big expectations that I started listening to Kisse Pyaar Karoon. And I should say the album did live upto my expectations, or should I say lack of expectations! Presenting to you Music Aloud’s review of Kisse Pyaar Karoon.

Kisse Pyaar Karoon
The title song starts with some guy speaking English in a horrendous made-up accent and following that is five minutes of wasted time. Shaan delivers the song exuberantly but he is unfortunately fighting for a lost cause. The song is made up of the usual stereotyped disco beats and the tune fails to make any impact at all. The lyrics don’t help much either. The remix has a female voice as well, which I believe is of Sunidhi. The remix sees the inexplicable inclusion of some orgasmic voices in between, for God knows what reason!!

Bechain Saansein
This item number is a much better work when compared to the first song. However, this song heavily reminds one of the song Beedi Jalaile from Omkara, more so because this song is again sung by Sunidhi. The Aahoon Aahoon part, especially, bears an unmistakable resemblance. The start of the song also sounds similar in tune to a humming done by Sunidhi at the start of Ankhiyon Se Gal Kar Gayi in the movie Shaadi Se Pehle. Sonu Nigam joins Sunidhi in this song.

Sanam Sanam
The starting instrumentation sequence sounds vaguely similar to the starting sequence of Dr. Alban’s Its My Life. Ironically, that is one of the better things to mention about this song as Dabboo Malik splashes icy water over the little hope that might have been raised after listening to the previous song. Yet another waste of Shaan’s voice, and this time he is not alone as Shreya Ghoshal is added to the list!

Bechain Ho Kar
The sinusoidal wave that is this album continues with another decent-sounding song. Reminding one of the early 90s and late 80s Bollywood songs, this song is rendered by ex-Indian Idol runner up Rahul Vaidya with Shreya Ghoshal. It is rather unfortunate that people with such immense talent like Rahul Vaidya haven’t got a good break in Bollywood as yet. He has sung in only a handful of movies, and about those songs the lesser said the better it would be! I couldn’t fathom the logic behind Dabboo Malik trying to spoil his own good work with some smattering of totally unnecessary English and other gibberish in between. But the song somehow survives the attempt, thankfully.

Jahaan Tak Yeh Meri Nazar
Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal return with another peppy number. This is the best of the three songs Shaan gets to sing in this album. The instrumentation has also been good enough.

On the whole, an average album. Considering that this is a comedy film, songs obviously would not have a lot of importance in the movie, and hence Dabboo Malik is justified to an extent. But close to eight years in the industry as music director without even a single memorable hit is not the way to go. If Dabboo continues to belt out such average or less-than-average songs, it won’t be long before he fades out into oblivion. Though his brother could possibly cushion his fall (as he probably has been doing till now), there are limits to even what he could do!

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