Farewell, SPB..

Indha Degam Maraidhaalum… Isayay Malaruvai SPB.
[Meaning: Even when the mortal form disappears, you will blossom as music, SPB]

Certain public figures enter into our personal space and become family. We don’t really need to meet them. But theirs will be a constant presence in our day to day life.

One such people’s person who became family, not just to his hard core fans, but to any person who found solace in his voice is SPB.

I am not a fanatic of him. If you conduct a trivia quiz about him, I wouldn’t know the answers to most of the questions. I love his songs. He has made me dance when I was happy, cry when sad and brave when I felt everything around me was falling apart. He was..no, is always there.

His persona was child-like. I think even when he raised his voice to reprimand someone it would have been musical. Both on and off screen, he was very human, with no special aura.

A lot has been spoken about his singing and acting. He had silently been helping people brave the covid pandemic, by singing their favorite songs on an everyday basis until he got admitted to the hospital. Such was his dedication to his fans and music.

There is nothing more to say. 2020 you have been a very bad year and this has been the pinnacle – please just get over already.

Miss you SPB! Your songs are our only anchor henceforth.

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