Iblis – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs and musician credits at the end (thanks to @_saabu for helping with the credits).

In its whimsical nature, Bum Bum Bum takes me back to Pritam’s Barfi – the elements making up the soundscape seem to be largely the same; be it the plucked strings, the keys or the wonderful choral harmonies, and the end result too is as delightful. Naresh Iyer leads the proceedings here, delivering Manu Manjith’s love-struck lines with finesse. Going back to the subject of harmonies, the use of chorus is one of the hallmarks of composer Dawn Vincent’s music for Iblis, being featured prominently in all four songs (it is interesting to note that the songs are all named after refrains sung by the chorus, rather than the lead singer bits). The whimsy extends to Mama Sa Bibo as well where the composer employs harmonies fabulously! The song itself goes through some thoroughly entertaining twists and turns over its course – particularly loved the second interlude and the third verse that follows. It is perhaps the combination of the acapella-esque vocal arrangement and the devotional references that makes me think of the brilliant Aathmaavin from Amen when I listen to this one. Bamba Bamba has a strings refrain joining the fray, and in combination with the guitars, claps, keys and the chorus, they form quite a formidable backdrop to Ashok T Ponnappan’s soothing rendition. Finally, the drinking song Oronnaayi Onnonnaayi comes across sounding like a traditional piece – Vincent keeps the proceedings simple with just a basic percussion comprised of glass clinks and desk-bangings, letting Shahi A J’s lines take the spotlight. Nicely executed piece, this too.

Iblis. Dawn Vincent had shown promise in his composing debut last year, with one half of Adventures of Omanakkuttan. This time he gets the full soundtrack with the same director-actor team, and the man totally delivers on that promise.

Music Aloud Rating: 3.5/5

Musician Credits

  1. Mama Sa Bibo

Chorus: Anoop. G Krishnan, Ramesh Murali, Gagul Joseph, Seby

Lyrics: Manu Manjith


  1. Alba Iblis

Singer: Naresh Iyer

Lyrics: Manu Manjith


  1. Bamba Bamba

Singer: Ashok T Ponnappan

Chorus: Anoop. G Krishnan, Ramesh Murali, Gagul Joseph, Seby

Lyrics: Manu Manjith


  1. Oronnay Onnonnay

Chorus: Anoop. G Krishnan, Ramesh Murali, Gagul Joseph, Seby

Lyircs: Shahi A J



Nikhil @ Freddy’s AVG, Cochin

Nishanth @ NHQ, Cochin

Lijesh @ Voice and Vision Studio’s, Chennai

Collective Studios, Cochin

D’s Den, Cochin


Guitars/Bass:    Sumesh Parameswar

Violins/Violas/Cellos:   Herald Antony, Carol George

Music Editor:   Ashok T Ponnappan


Music Recording Supervision

Kiran Lal, Ashok T Ponnappan, Subramanian K V


All Songs Mixed and Mastered by

Kiran Lal @ Noise Head Quarters, Panampilly Nagar


All Songs Composed and Arranged by

Dawn Vincent

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