Njan Marykutty – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs at the end.

Considering the theme of the movie, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Njaan Marykutty’s soundtrack features multiple songs from composer Anand Madhusoodanan and lyricist Santhosh Varma, of the motivational kind. The shortest of those is the 36-second long Cherupulliyuduppitta Poompaatta, a female solo credited to a “Nithin PK” (while Kerala is known for many dubious names, I am yet to come across a female named Nithin, so I am inclined to peg this as Manorama Music’s inefficiency). The same female singer has two more such short tracks in the album – Oru Kochu Kumbilengaanum that starts off sounding a bit like a slower version of the first song, but progresses on a slightly different, and nicer sounding route; and Penninnullil Priya Mohangalkku that comes across sounding like a textile showroom jingle! Sithara Krishnakumar leads the sprawling Ennullil Ennum that has a lovely melody and a fab arrangement to go with it (love the use of solo violin in the second half) – the only dampener is the fact that the hallelujah hook that is the culmination of each verse, sounds bland.

Biju Narayanan’s (good to hear the man) Doore Doore too begins off in a dramatic fashion before settling into a nuanced, old school-ish melody that the man delivers admirably. Thirakalethire Vannaalum is effective more for Santhosh Varma’s use of words (that Vineeth Sreenivasan sings well). Anand’s arrangement sets the anthemic template in a rather clichéd fashion and hence doesn’t work much. Uyaraan Patharaan (again starts on a theatrical use of strings kicking off the song) too is stereotypical anthem material and there isn’t much variation in the arrangement, but I like this one more than Thirakal. The male solo has been credited to Anne Amie – I am guessing this is the song Manorama intended to credit to Nithin – good singing, whoever it is. Anne Amie Vazhappilly does get the album’s best song titled Kaana Kadalaasilaaro. Solid melody from the composer (that the singer aces) punctuated with the frenetic dheem tanana bits, and ending in a crescendo-esque combination of the dheem tana chorus and Anne’s sargam – wish this song were longer.

It was with director Ranjith Sankar that Anand Madhusoodanan debuted in films, in 2012, and this is their fourth project together. And the best work from the team yet – in fact, the best work from the composer overall.

Also, a rap on the knuckles to Manorama Music for such a shoddy job with the credits – it wouldn’t kill you to spend a little bit of effort to properly credit the musicians and technicians involved in the soundtrack, you know.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

Top Recos: Kaana Kadalaasilaaro, Ennullil Ennum, Doore Doore

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