We turned 9 today!

Today we complete another year in the life of Music Aloud. A year whose greatest musical highlight, to me, was this dream-come-true interview. 2017 was otherwise a bit short on site activity, thanks to time taken up by other activities, primarily the Film Companion project which took more than half the year in execution. Hope to be able to spend more time here this year. Thanks a lot, as usual, to each of you out there who follows and supports our work across different platforms, and we hope that your support and engagement continues in the years to come.

Could not think of much to do as a birthday special thing, so created an “On Sound Cloud 9” entry after a long gap. The format remains the same as usual – nine songs that I discovered on soundcloud with no particular theme connecting them, except that they are all good songs.

PS: If you wish to see more of our playlists set to specific themes, and are an Apple Music user, please do check out our page – we are quite active there!

(Birthday special artwork – seen in the homepage thumbnail – designed by @cookydoh as always!)

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