Lipstick Under My Burkha – Music Review (Bollywood)

Songs and musician credits at the end.

Two of the three songs Zebunnisa Bangash has composed the soundtrack of Lipstick Under My Burkha derive from her past works, but with Bollywood friendly variations. Le Li Jaan appeared previously as Laili Jaan in the sixth season of Coke Studio (last one with Rohail Hyatt at its helm). For the show then, Zeb (and her partner Haniya) had done a gipsy jazz take on the Afghan folk song originally sung by Ahmad Zahir. While Zeb (and arrangers Patrick Ferrel and Michael Winograd, both Zeb’s partners in her world music band Sandaraa) strips down the arrangement for this version, she still retains the groovy base and the song will still make you want to swing along. While Patrick Ferrel’s accordion and Ankur Mukherjee’s guitars and double bass form the song’s backbone, clarinettist Michael Winograd and rabab player Sadiq Sameer (who has collaborated with Zeb and Haniya on Coke Studio too,though not in Laili Jaan) go to town with their improvisations, even as Zeb’s practised rendition sits comfortably above all this. Anvita Dutt who writes the Hindi lyrics (retaining some smart references to the Afghani original) also writes Hindi lyrics for the other Afghan song adapted for the soundtrack, Jigi Jigi (Zeb’s band Sandaraa has performed the Afghan original Jegi Jegi earlier). Malini Awasthi makes a fine choice for vocals, her folksy style giving the song a new flavour, while Zeb too makes some neat variations in the arrangement, aided by Ankur Mukherjee. The composer takes the disco route for her original track – Ishqiya and produces engaging results here too, helped on its way by Neeti Mohan’s singing prowess (and a trippy bass line from Karl Peters).  

After a fine (though infrequent) run as playback singer in Bollywood, a commendable composing debut from Zeb Bangash with Lipstick under my Burkha!

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

This review first appeared in the Mumbai edition of The Hindu.

Musician Credits

Singer: Malini Awasthi
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Music: Zebunnisa Bangash
Music Label: T-Series
Music Production/ Arrangement: Ankur Mukherjee
Dholak/Tambourine: Sharafat
Rabab: Siddiq Sameer
Harmonium/Keyboards: Ankur Mukherjee
Brass Band: Shyam Raj And Friends
Recorded At: S.B. Studio
Recording Engineer: Siddhanath, Amrut
Mixed And Mastered: Amrut Mahajan

Singer: Neeti Mohan
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Music: Zebunnisa Bangash
Music Label: T-Series
Music Production/ Arrangement: Ankur Mukherjee
Keyboards Programmed By Chris Masand
Additional Programming By Ankur Mukherjee
Drums: Kami Paul
Bass: Karl Peters
Guitars: Ankur Mukherjee
Backup Vocals: Neisha & Marianne
Recorded At Kailasa /Audio Garage Studios
Recording Engineers: Niraj, Amrut, Ameya
Mixed And Mastered By Amrut Mahajan

Singer: Zebunnisa Bangash
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Music: Zebunnisa Bangash
Music Label: T-Series
Music Arrangement: Patrick Ferrel/ Michael Winograd
Additional Music Production/Guitars, Ethnic Strings/Upright Bass: Ankur Mukherjee
Drums: Kami Paul
Accordion: Patrick Ferrel
Clarinet: Michael Winograd
Rabab: Sadiq Sameer
Recorded At S.B. / Audio Garage / Kailasa Studios
Recording Engineers: Amrut / Siddhanath / Ameya /Niraj
Mixed And Mastered By Amrut Mahajan

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