Godha – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

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Instead of singing for Shaan Rahman as he usually does, Vineeth Sreenivasan does a narrative piece called Manayathu Vayalum in Godha, introducing the location where the movie is set. Shaan delivers a more musical narration in Kannanjunnoru Naadu, this time about the movie’s main man. Composer also heads the Punjabi flavoured (on account of the movie’s Punjabi leading lady) Welcome to Punjab. Middling track, on account of a weak melody populated with predominantly filler lyrics and backed by a rather stereotypical arrangement. The other Punjabi flavoured track is a more entertaining affair though. O Rabba Bhayankariya is sung by Zia ul Haq who has a Sukhwinder Singh-like edge to his voice, making him a perfect choice here. As is his wont, the composer reserves his best efforts for the melody-oriented compositions. Choicest of them is Aaro Nenjil, the loveliness of whose melody is accentuated by Gowri Lekshmy’s characteristic delivery style, and the ambient treatment the composer gives it. Introduction of the Punjabi beats considerably lowers the song’s charm in its Desi Mix.

Despite the ominous title, Wow Song is in fact a nicely crafted piece (occasionally reminiscent of Shaan’s own Ethu Meghamaari), sung with finesse by Sithara Krishnakumar. The recurrent “wow” in the backdrop can be distracting though. Sachin Warrier delivers Kannetha Dooratholam that starts off like a dreamy piece riding on Sumesh Parameswar’s guitar before the backdrop gets crowded. Still a soothing listen this, and one of the nicer additions in the arrangement is Manonmani’s sarangi. The pensive Innalekalil isn’t as effective however, Niranj Suresh’s high pitched singing didn’t quite work for me. The Treadmill Remix of the song is actually more interesting due to a more imaginative arrangement that acts as a distraction from the vocals. Radhika Sethumadhavan sounds lovely with her nuanced humming in the short, soulful instrumental piece titled Captain’s Honour.

Godha. Scores high on the melodic pieces, like Shaan Rahman’s soundtracks often do. And director Basil Joseph gets a better soundtrack in his sophomore movie.

PS: I hope this remix business is just a one off case; I would rather not have that practice catch on in Malayalam as well.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

Top Recos: Aaro Nenjil, Kannetha Dooratholam, Wow Song

Musician Credits

01 : Manayathu vayalum Gusthiyum – Written by Basil Joseph | Narrated by Vineeth Sreenivasan

02 : Aaro nenjil – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Gowry Lekshmi

03 : Kannanjunnoru naadu – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Shaan Rahman

04 : Captain’s Honour – Performed by Radhika Sethumadhavan

05 : O Rabba – Written by Vinayak Sasikumar | Sung by Zia Ul Haq

06 : Innalekalil – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Niranj Suresh

07 : Wow Song – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Sithara Krishnakumar

08 : Welcome to Punjab – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Shaan Rahman

09 : Kannetha dooratholam – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Sachin Warrier


10 : Aaro nenjil – Desi Mix – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Gowry Lekshmi

11 : Innalekalil – Treadmill Mix – Written by Manu Manjith | Sung by Niranj Suresh
All songs Composed, Programmed and Arranged by Shaan Rahman.

All songs recorded at Shaanz Eternal Ray, My Studio and VGP Studios.

All songs Mixed and Mastered by Biju James at VGP Studios, Chennai.

Violins: Cochin Strings

Guitar: Sumesh Parameswar

Sarangi: Manonmani

Percussion: Anand


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