Ramante Edanthottam – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs at the end.

Shreya Ghoshal sings, and unsurprisingly aces, the beautiful Akale Oru Kaadinte that once again revisits the 80s/90s Malayalam musical soundscape, like a lot of Malayalam songs have been in recent times (so happy that Malayalam is only opting for the sound, rather than choosing to remix old songs themselves, like Bollywood is doing). Bijibal seems to be getting a lot of those retro sounding songs too, possibly considering how good he is with those; in this case aided by Santhosh Varma’s finely written lines. Maavilakkudil continues on the same sound (scenes akin to those of the heroine running amidst trees or in open fields singing such a song come to mind as I listen to this), and this time it is Rajalakshmi who does vocal honours in style. And once again the composer’s orchestration is spot on. It is only in the third, final song that the arrangement is not as up to the mark, though it does have a splendid strings-led second interlude. Kavitha Ezhuthunnu is an enjoyable listen all the same, courtesy Sooraj Santhosh’s fine delivery of the pleasant melody.

Like his last outing with director Ranjith Sankar, short and engaging soundtrack by Bijibal. The director really should stick to this combination of composer and lyricist (Santhosh Varma); pretty good musical consistency there.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5


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