8th Birthday Special – Best of Music Mojo!

Music Aloud completes eight years of existence today. It’s been a fairly eventful year for us – we started writing reviews for The Hindu, a column for Film Companion and most importantly, found a new place to go about our playlist-making business, Apple Music. We extend a big thank you, as usual, to the music lovers who support what we do and engage with us on a regular basis on our different channels.

Weren’t going to leave without a playlist on this occasion, but first a bit of context. Music Mojo is one of the best musical initiatives in the country today, but has hardly received the credit it is due because, well, it happens in South India. Airing on the Malayalam channel Kappa TV since 2013, the show has in its four seasons featured hundreds of musicians – established and otherwise (leaning more towards the latter) – way more than the Coke Studios, MTV Unpluggeds and  Dewarists have managed. We thought a playlist would be the best way to convey the awesomeness of the show, and after trawling through hundreds of songs over the past few days, decided that it needed more than one playlist. So we have two long-ish playlists today, arranged in no particular order – one of film song covers, and the other featuring non-film songs.

Hope you enjoy this little birthday offering! 🙂

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