Ezra – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

Songs and credits at the end.

The fact that Lailakame sounds like a made-up portmanteau still annoys me every time I listen to the song (what does it mean anyway? someone just helpfully pointed me to this article that says lailakam means lilac. Still find the word annoying though!). The song is otherwise a nice listen – albeit reminiscent of composer Rahul Raj’s past songs of the genre – led of course by Haricharan’s ace rendition; the alaap towards the close of the song is splendid. Like he did in his debut movie earlier this year, it is Sushin Shyam who steals the show in this soundtrack as well with his two songs that perfectly capture Ezra’s dominant horror theme. Anwar Ali (who wrote Kisa Paathiyil) pens the words for Thambiraan that debutant singer Vipin Raveendran delivers brilliantly, with the right folksy nuances. Composer builds the song on a haunting piano refrain, one that he tops with a lot of ambient sounds – strings mainly, and also other neat touches like the duduk(?). The singer who debuted with Sushin in Kisa, Sachin Balu, sings Irulu Neelum Raave. A song that once again rides on an eerie synth-based refrain that lends it an almost sarppappaattu-like flavour at times. Instead of violins it is the horns that rule the arrangement this time, taking the song to a crescendo-esque high in the interludes. And amidst all the spookiness the song has a melody that is soulful, one that Sachin renders very well.

Ezra’s soundtrack is understandably short, but very much an entertaining fare from Sushin Shyam and Rahul Raj; Sushin emerging the better of the two.

Music Aloud Rating: 3/5

Musician Credits

Thampiran muyambu – Song composed and produced by Sushin Shyam

Vocals – Vipin Ravindran (Snoopy)
Lyrics – Anwar ali
Cello – PS Ramachandran
Song mixed by Abin Paul
Mastered by Shadab Rayeen
Cello Recorded @ 20dbstudios (chennai)
Irulu neelum rave – Song composed and produced by Sushin Shyam

Vocals – Sachin balu
Lyrics – Vinayak sasikumar
Ukelele – Rex Vijayan
Solo violin – Danny John
Song Mixed by Abin Paul
Mastered by Shadab Rayeen


Singer: Haricharan
Music Director: Rahul Raj
Lyricist: Harinarayanan B K
Backing Vocals – Rahul Raj
Engineers: Rahul Raj @ IndiaSoundZ, Ajay Joseph @ Muzik Lounge
Mixed and Mastered by Balu Thankachan @ 20dbsoundstudios, Chennai

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