Ammani – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)


Songs and credits at the end (thanks to @gradwolf for helping with the credits).

The two versions of Life-e-Machaan seem to differ only in their prelude. Not a particularly fresh-sounding song, but the brass-heavy street dance template makes it an engaging affair all the same. Mukesh does well in matching the song’s energy with his singing. K achieves the comic classical effect very well with his synth-infused carnatic fusion arrangement of Mazhai Ingillaye, but it is Vaikom Vijayalakshmi who is the star with her pitch-perfect rendition of the sahana raga-flavoured piece. The soundtrack’s highlight is Rotora Padhayile, a song I would like to call the Saigal Blues of Tamil songs. The packaging is similar, a retro-sounding melody (possible shades of shuddha dhanyasi raga) that is nailed by Gana Bala – the man is getting some really interesting songs of late! – with an addictive bluesy backdrop that is ruled by the violin (B Yensone/Balaji) and Jaishankar Iyer’s guitars (there is an almost slide guitar-ish sound in places). Something about the song’s arrangement gives me a Chinese song-like vibe too; makes me love it even more!

Ammani. Short soundtrack from K, but the man continues to display fine form even here!

Music Aloud Rating: 3.5/5

Full Credits

1. Life e machaan machaan

    Singer – Mukesh

    Lyrics – Na.Muthukumar

2. Rotora padhayile

    Singer – Gana Bala

    Lyrics – Gnanakaravel S

3. Mazhai ingillaye

    Singer – Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

    Lyrics – Na.Muthukumar

4. Life e machaan machaan (Yama Version)

    Singer – Mukesh

    Lyrics – Na.Muthukumar


Brass band (Trumpets, Euphonium, Drums and various percussion)  – Gulab Band, R.D Band.

Additional Brass instruments – Babu Irudhayaraj

Additional Percussion – Jaychaa Singaram, Shruthi

Guitars – Jaishankar Iyer

Violins – B.Yensone, Balaji

All synths and Keyboards – K

Studios – Aura studios (Chennai), VGP Studios (Chennai), Riyan studios (Kochi), Grooveplanet (Chennai)

Engineers – Bob Phukan, Biju James, Anil

Songs mixed by Jaishankar Iyer at Music From The Place

Musicians and program coordinator – R.Viswanathan

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