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Songs and full credits at the end.

Bekaar Kutte is a track that composer Rohit Sharma created as part of his band Swaang in 2013, adapting Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry (with additional writing from Ravinder Randhawa) into a nice, youthful unplugged-style track (guitar by Soumya Seal) sung by Pankaj Badra and Rohit himself. The second Faiz adaptation of the soundtrack too is kept rather simple, actress Pallavi Joshi singing to a harmonium accompaniment. And it is the flaws in the lady’s handling of the classical nuances that bog the song down. Composer dons the vocalist role a few more times in the soundtrack, and he is most effective with the folksy Tope Ka Mantar. Energetic and engaging as folk pieces come (despite a familiar feel), and delivered with matching exuberance. Sarkar Ki Duniya follows the same format at Tope Ka Mantar both in tune and arrangement, before the composer introduces a rock-based twist into the equation. Good idea, but works out badly in this case; Shawn Pereira’s accented singing is particularly a turn-off.

Romeo and Juliet is where Rohit delivers his most imaginative arrangement, kicking the song off in an operaesque fashion (Ryan Dias and Neisha Mascarenhas deliver well behind the mic) before introducing Latino elements and eventually handing over to Krishna Pradhan for a minute-long guitar solo. I am a Bitch is very functional and does not make for enjoyable listening; there is only so many times you can hear the phrase repeated by Neisha Mascarenhas without getting annoyed. When I Wake Up is co-composed by Rohit and Ryan Dias. Nice jazz track, but too short to be of much impact. Among the remaining two pieces – Bela Gobiya and Cool Cool Breeze – former fares marginally better, but the length means that neither sticks.

Buddha in a Traffic Jam. Composer Rohit Sharma’s soundtrack is a mixed bag, largely owing to the uneven vocals.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10

Top Recos: Bekaar Kutte, Romeo and Juliet, Tope Ka Mantar

Full Credits

1) Song – Bela Gobiya

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Lyrics and Singer – Rohit Sharma

Programming – Rohit Sharma

Additional Programming – Birinchi Bora


2) Song – Sarkar Ki Duniya

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Lyrics – Rohit Sharma

Singer – Rohit Sharma and Shawn Pereira

Programming – Rohit Sharma

Additional Programming – Birinchi Bora

Acoustic and Electric Guitar – Soumya Seal


3) Song – I am A Bitch

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Lyrics – Rohit Malhotra and Vivek Agnihotri

Singer – Neisha Mascarenhas

Chorus (dis tuned) – Pankaj Badra and Rohit Sharma

Programming – Rohit Sharma


4) Song – Cool Cool Breeze

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Lyrics – Rohit Sharma and Ryan Dias

Singer – Ryan Dias

Programming – Birinchi Bora


5) Song – Tope Ka Mantar

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Lyrics – Ravinder Randhawa

Singer – Rohit Sharma

Programming – Rohit Sharma

Additional Programming – Birinchi Bora


6) Song – When i Wake Up

Composed By – Ryan Dias and Rohit Sharma

Lyrics and Singer – Ryan Dias

Programming – Birinchi Bora


7) Song – Romeo and Juliet (Fatal destiny)

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Lyrics – Ryan Dias

Singer – Ryan Dias and Neisha Mascarenhas

Programming – Rohit Sharma

Acoustic and Electric Guitar – Krishna Pradhan


8) Song – Bekaar Kutte 

Writer – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Additional Writing – Ravinder Randhawa

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Singer – Pankaj Badra and Rohit Sharma

Acoustic Guitar – Soumya Seal


9) Song – Chand Roz

Writer – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Composed By – Rohit Sharma

Singer – Pallavi Joshi

Programming – Rohit Sharma


Recording and Mixing Engineer – Meraj Rayeen

Recording Studio – Swara Studios, Malad (W), Mumbai

Assistant Music Directors – Birinchi Bora and Pankaj Badra

Original Background Score – Rohit Sharma

Programming and Arrangement – Birichi Bora and Rohit Sharma

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Arrangement – Tushar Parte

Recording Engineer – Meraj Rayeen

Recording Studio – Swara Studios, Malad (W), Mumbai


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