Guppedantha Prema – Music Review (Telugu Soundtrack)

guppedantha prema posterSongs and full credits at the end.

Sakhiya Sakhiya is really impressive in both its forms – the main version which features Vandana Srinivasan and a slower, unplugged version that is led by Ramakrishnan Lakshman on violin. The former features a richer arrangement highlighted by composer Navneeth Sundar’s famed iPad app (that sounds almost continuum fingerboard-like) and Manonmani’s sarangi, while the latter almost entirely rides on the violin owing to its minimal setting. Starting off as an ambient synth-led track, Yedha Loyallo’s sound beautifully progresses into a sprawling Western classical-inspired one in the second and third verses, seamlessly tying back into the main melody as well in each case. Karthik and Shashaa Tirupati do a commendable job behind the mic as well. The soundtrack’s best sung track is Udayame Na Asha, Nivas being the singer. The melody seems familiar, but is engaging all the same especially with Nivas’ excellent improvisations. Composer himself takes up vocalist duty for the zesty Naalo Alajadedho, alongside Shashaa Tirupati and Shailaja Babu – a song that gains immensely from the guitar-led arrangement (Aalaap Raju’s bass in particular!) and the lovely backing harmonies.

Going by the non Telugu words, Tere Dil Se doesn’t appear to be particularly well-written. It will however get your foot tapping, the trippy electronic beats and Ranjith’s exuberant singing ensure that. Navneeth’s singing flaws present the only snag in the otherwise likeable Kanule Kalaga, serenely orchestrated by the man. Abhijith Rao does a soulful rendition of Gaayamai Maanuna even as the song gradually picks up intensity, culminating in the Guppadanthe Prema hook. Di Do Di Do is another track that has a very heard-before feel, but set as it is to the folk dance template, the song works. Priya Hemesh too matches the energy of the track in her singing.

Guppedantha Prema. Close to three years since his debut soundtrack in Malayalam (he has been active outside movies during this time of course, in Music Mojo et al), Navneeth Sundar’s Telugu debut is even better! Hope the man doesn’t have to wait this long for his next project.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Yedha Loyallo, Sakhiya Sakhiya, Naalo Alajadedho

Full Credits

  1. Naalo Alajadedho 3:42

Singers – Navneeth Sundar, Shashaa Tirupati, Shailaja Babu

Lyrics – Tillu Pasunoori, Kranthi Kumar


  1. Tere Dil Se 3:32

Singer – Ranjith

Lyrics – Srimani


  1. Yedhalo Yallo 4:24

Singers – Karthik, Shashaa Tirupati

Lyrics – Ganesh Salaadi


  1. Udayame Na Asha 2:15

Singer – Nivas

Lyrics – Ganesh Salaadi


  1. Sakhiya Sakhiya 4:41

Singer – Vandana Srinivasan

Lyrics – Vanamali


  1. Di Do Di Do 3:40

Singer – Priya Hemesh

Lyrics – Ganesh


  1. Kanule Kalaga 2:38

Singer – Navneeth Sundar

Lyrics – Ganesh


  1. Gaayamai Maanuna 2:43

Singer – Abhijith Rao

Lyrics – Ganesh Salaadi


  1. Sakhiya Unplugged

Violin – Ramakrishnan Lakshman

Piano – Navneeth Sundar



Music: Navneeth Sundar

Keyboard programming, arrangements – Navneeth Sundar

Guitars – Joseph Vijay (Tere Dil Se, Di Do, Gaayamai), Aalaap Raju (Kanule Kalaga)

Bass guitar (Naalo) – Aalaap Raju

Saarangi – Manonmani

Percussions – Vikram Rozario

iPad and Melodica – Navneeth Sundar (iPad for Sakhiya, Melodica for Tere Dil Se)


Backing vocalists:


Shailaja Babu for Kanule Kalaga

Nidhin Lal, Anand Aravindakshan, Shenbagaraj Ganesalingam, Abinaya Shenbagaraj, Maalavika Sundar & Soundarya Nandakumar for Naalo Alajadedho


Track singers – Vasudha Ravi, Shailaja Babu, Savitha Sai, Nivas, Deepak, Gokul, Divya Ramani

Recording Engineer – Lijesh Kumar

Recorded at Voice and Vision studios, Chennai

Mixed by Navneeth Sundar and Abin Paul (Di Do, Naalo and Yedhalo)

Mastered by Navneeth Sundar

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