Jil Jung Juk – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)

jil jung juk posterSongs at the end.

Composer Vishal Chandrashekhar’s soulful tune for Shoot The Kuruvi is at complete odds with the wackiness that lyricist Vivek concocts to go with it! The combination does however make for quite an earworm; composer gets Anirudh to lead the vocals (with a cameo from Radha Ravi that is as random as the rest of the song). In an alternate version where the kuruvi is replaced with kili (lends the phrase a more controversial meaning as I understand), Vishal revamps the entire tune except for the title refrain and presents a pacier, heady rock-flavoured piece. Commendable job on vocals too by the movie’s hero Siddharth who has also penned the lyrics.

While in Shoot the Kuruvi it’s only the lyrics that were crazy, in Domer-u Lord-u Vishal decides to add his share as well, and the result is madness! The heavily layered techno-laden arrangement features a lot intriguing sounds, most notably a sample of the naadaswaram rendition of Muthiah Bhagavathar’s English Note. While Anthony Daasan delivers it in his trademark style, it is Kavita Thomas who just owns the song! Red Road-u too is testimony to the man’s skill at orchestration, as he employs an electro swing base (with generous sprinkling of outre cartoon-ish cues) to extremely addictive results. On vocals he employs two other composers Santhosh Narayanan and Sean Roldan who match the energy and feel to a tee, scatting and everything. Casanova is the relative weakling of the soundtrack, though here too the arrangement deftly infuses dubstep and 8 bit elements into a grand, jazz-based whodunit sound. Andrea Jeremiah has dealt with such songs confidently in the past and is fab here too.

Jil Jung Juk. A soundtrack as wacky as the movie’s title, but in a highly imaginative and immensely engaging manner. Vishal Chandrashekharan has a winner to his name (until I wiki’ed him up I thought he was a debutant)!

Music Aloud Rating: 8.5/10

Top Recos: Domer-u Lord-u, Red Road-u, Shoot the Kili

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