Jo and the Boy – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

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Songs at the end (full credits in the video description on youtube).

Neeyen Kaattaai is peppy in a rather heard-before way, but it still hits the mark thanks to a fab job on vocals by Kavya Ajith. It is in the other tracks that Rahul Subramanian makes a better impression as a composer. And the most impressive of those is Ponveyil Veezhave (wonder why the official title spells it as “ponvail”), a beautifully crafted tune that is ensconced in an equally beautiful strings-dominated arrangement (seasoned with some excellent use of guitars and flute in the second verse). And Haricharan never had a problem acing such songs; he does that here too. Adivaram is a nice track, the melody is quite hummable and Sayanora Philip’s rendition is on point. The only problem with the song is that there seems to be a lot of humming happening throughout the song, most of it built around the same core tune so it gets quite monotonous.

Pinjomal too rides on a charming tune and an atmospheric backdrop that lends the song an inspirational tone. This too faces the same issue as the previous song though, dwelling too much upon the humming bit in an attempt to add to that anthemic feel. Good singing by Arun Alat, though. In keeping with the recent (worrying) trend of getting the movie’s lead actors to sing, composer gets Manju Warrier and Sanoop Santhosh to sing Do Do Do (though it isn’t a first time for Manju, having sung in one of her last movies before the long hiatus, Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu). A song that in its violin-based start and kids’ chorus took me back to MM Keeravaani’s Karuka Naambum from Neelagiri. The average lyrics aside, the song encapsulates the kids’ song feel quite nicely, helped on its way by some beautiful violin solos.

Jo and the Boy. Nice, feel-good soundtrack from Rahul Subramaniam, much like his debut soundtrack which was also for the same director. Wonder what’s with the movie titles though, they come off sounding like British pubs!

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Ponveyil Veezhave, Pinjomal, Do Do Do


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