Thangamagan – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)

thanga magan posterSongs at the end (link via @chiranjeev100)

The charming folk-based orchestration and Swetha Mohan’s outstanding singing work big time in offsetting the familiarity that Enna Solla’s pleasant tune carries. The song especially soars in its single interlude that sees a chirpy flute solo giving way to a sweeping strings segment, all set to a nice folk percussion base. The melancholic Jodi Nilave too is owned by Swetha, even as Anirudh bolsters the melody with a soulful arrangement. It is the leading man Dhanush’s singing that comes off the weak link in the whole affair. The soundtrack’s highlight is Tak Bak, an infectiously fun track that sees the composer set Dhanush’s wacky, onomatopoeic lines to some groovy guitars and horns! Oh Oh is engagingly breezy, only bogged down by the déjà vu aspect in the melody and arrangement. Dhanush handles the vocals here too, along with the talented Nikhita Gandhi.

Thangamagan. Entertaining soundtrack from Anirudh that would have fared much better if not for the familiarity aspect.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Tak Bak, Enna Solla, Jodi Nilave

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