Two Countries – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

two countries poster

Songs at the end of the review (link via Vino Varghese).

Chenthengin is a decent track, relying majorly on Najeem Arshad’s singing to keep it engaging amidst the largely familiar tropes. The arrangement does get interesting around the interludes though. In Veluveluthoru too the vocal efforts are key – Afsal in this case, and a well-employed chorus – though the melody is relatively more engaging and even the arrangement is adequately spruced up by the European-ish sounds. Thanne Thanne is where Gopi Sunder gets everything right. The tune is eminently hummable, the arrangement groovy (some trademark use of claps there) and the singing by Karthik and Abhaya Hiranmayi excellent.

Two Countries. Short, engaging soundtrack from Gopi Sunder.

Music Aloud Rating: 6.5/10


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