Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

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Composer Amrit Rao delivers the filmy gaana format to a tee in Sarakka, and does a fine job of singing the song too, the seemingly Chennai slang inspired lines of which he himself wrote. Aside of the definitive folksy instruments, the arrangement also features some trippy guitar work from Amrit’s Live Banned counterpart Sridhar Varadharajan. More impressive guitar work ensues in the groovy techno track Mokka Piece. It is Benny Dayal who rules the track though, skilled as he is with songs such as these. Soundtrack’s best is Mora Saiyyaa (Yeno Mounam) that starts off with a qawwali-ish setting before the heady electronic elements kick in around the Mora Saiyyaa hook. The orchestration hits a new high with Shruti Kamath’s sitar phrases in the second interlude. Amrit gets Vijay Prakash and Shaktisree Gopalan to sing this one, which they deliver very well.

The composer gets behind the mic for two more songs. The melodic Maalai Nerathu Mayakkama is a nice solo act from the man; the song itself is quite breezy and laid back, riding on Sridhar’s acoustic guitar that while evoking a sense of familiarity, works well. The final vocal piece Ennodu has Amrit joined by Mili Nair. The only song that doesn’t impress much courtesy a dated sound. Good singing by both singers though, Amrit sounding almost his Live Banned avatar during his occasional entries. Among the two theme songs (Two Opposites, The Return of Love), the former works better with its European sounds – the accordion, violin, the waltzy rhythm and the like.

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam. Another indie musician makes an impressive entry into film composing; Amrit Rao this time.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Mora Saiyyaa, Mokka Piece, Sarakka

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