My God – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

my god malayalam posterYou can listen to the soundtrack at the end of the review.

There is something of a throwback element about Pandu Pandaaro, faint evocation of the music that people like Kaithapram used to produce, very Malayali in their tune and arrangement. The tune here has a marked shuddha saveri (raga)-ish base, handled very well by P Jayachandran and Chithra Arun, while composer Bijibal’s arrangement is highlighted by the veena. Kusruthi Kuppaayakkaara starts off a little awkwardly (something about the lyrics probably) but recovers pretty fast, once again having a very Malayali sound to it (mild shades of Kharaharapriya raga perhaps). The song features some lovely violin in keeping with the composer’s general repute, apart from some smart use of chendamelam and naadaswaram. Uday Ramachandran does his job well behind the mic (the boy who sings with him is uncredited). Composer gets Thaikkudam Bridge frontman Govind Menon’s father Peethambara Menon (who is also vocalist for the band) to sing the third and final song Kandittundo, which is also the folksiest among the tracks – simple tune riding on an alluring percussion-led base. And having rendered folk-flavoured tracks for the band, Menon does a fine job of singing this too.

My God. Short set of songs from Bijibal that carry a very Malayali feel about them. And therefore make for a very good listen.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

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