KL 10 Patthu – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

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The maappilappaattu-flavoured Enthaanu Khalbe goes through multiple modes – serene romantic passages that segue into qawwali-styled choral portions (Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaaro style, if you will) – familiar sounds, but engaging. Composer Bijibal features a good blend of traditional (some winning harmonium) and modern in the arrangement, but singers (Najeem Arshad, Palakkad Sreeram, Sowmya Ramakrishnan) rule the roost. Halaakinte Avalumkanji is another addition to the fast-growing list of Malabari Malayalam-based songs; and this time it is Benny Dayal who gets the chance to present it. He doesn’t pull off the accent much, but nails the singing even as the song goes through some interesting twists and turns in tune and arrangement. The soundtrack’s best is Duniyaavin, once again following a Muslim style in lyrics and tune, but with a dark, blues rock-ish base spruced up with some techno elements. The composer himself gets behind the mic for this one, and though his processed voice irks at times, he makes it work, largely.

KL10 Patthu. Super short (the whole soundtrack is less than 10 minutes long!) but effective soundtrack from Bijibal.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10


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