Kaakka Muttai – Music Review (Tamil Soundtrack)

Kaaka_Muttai posterSongs jukebox at the end of the review.

While Sel Sel has a tune that bears a childish playfulness about it (clearly in keeping with the children’s movie theme of Kaakka Muttai – even Na. Muthukumar’s lines carry that flavour), it also has singer Sathya Prakash presenting some fab nuances at times. Even on the arrangement side composer GV Prakash strikes a fine balance between flippant and serious elements – while the acappella-esque percussion and Vedanth’s kazoo solo represent the former, there are some lovely segments featuring sarod and sitar (neither credited on CD; programmed?) that represent the latter. Maanjaave Kaanjaachu is more aligned to the kids theme, melodically and lyrically, and Gaana Bala and Srihari who are both wonderful on vocals, are joined by a kids chorus too. The tune is set to an interesting hip hop-ish rhythm, peppered with some lovely violin bits (Kalyan and Manojkumar credited for violin). GVP himself gest behind the mic for the remaining two songs. The techno+kuthu combination in the backdrop makes Karuppu Karuppu an interesting listen despite a not-so-great tune for it to go with. Edhai Ninaithom is given an unplugged sort of treatment, just the acoustic guitars accompanying the vocals for most part (there is a kazoo bit here too), and the pensive melody is delivered quite well by the composer. Another of the soundtrack’s picks.

Kaakka Muttai. Light, likeable set of songs by GV Prakash Kumar.

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Sel Sel, Maanjaave Kaanjachu, Edhai Ninaithom

Additional musician credits after the jukebox.

Guitars and Kazoo – Vedanth

Violin – Kalyan

Mixed – Srihari

Master – Jehovasan Azhagar

Arranged and programmed by RH VIkram

Premix Jehovasan Azhagar

Studios – Divine Labs

Solo violin – Manojkumar

Guitars – Vedanth, Shallu Varun

Woodwinds – Naveen Iyer, Vijayagopal, Roobak

Percussions – Vikram

Trumpet – Babu

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