Welcome to Karachi – Music Review (Bollywood Soundtrack)

Welcome_To_Karachi_posterSongs at the end of the review.

Of Rochak Kohli’s two tracks, both fairly jaded, Boat Ma Kukdookoo is the relatively better one – the Gujarati folk based digressions from the techno dominated arrangement are handled quite nicely, and Mika Singh leads the vocals in style (assisted by Shivi, Deane Sequiera, Rochak Kohli). High point of the other song Lalla Lalla Lori is Vishal Dadlani’s singing – nothing particularly interesting in offer otherwise. Chal Bhaag by Amjad Nadeem might just fit in as a situational piece going by the trailer, but as a song it doesn’t have much merits, even the singing by Wajid and Love Juneja is just ok. Jeet Gannguli’s Shakira is another of the comparatively listenable tracks, owing a lot to Shalmali Kholgade on vocals. The Middle Eastern flavour in the arrangement works in the song’s favour.

Welcome to Karachi. Three composers and four songs, but nothing that really stands out.

Music Aloud Rating: 5/10

Top Recos: Boat Ma Kukdookoo, Shakira

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