Chandrettan Evideya – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

chandrettan-evideya-posterKinavin Kilikal does not have a great tune, but the arrangement that deftly combines guitars and folk percussion (interesting combination of kanjira and dhol at that) prop the song up adequately. Also helping is the competent vocal effort by Shreekumar Vakkiyil. But it is in the other song Vasantha Mallike that composer Prashant Pillai really hits it out of the park! While in the background is a trippy yet rich melange of classical and mod sounds (I could discern morsing and veena I think, among the guitar and techno sounds), leading from the front are Haricharan and Preethi Pillai with a finely nuanced rendition of Santhosh Varma’s Tamil+Malayalam lines (abheri raga possibly, multiple people on my twitter TL seemed to think so). There are also some well-employed vocal harmonies in between.

And the soundtrack for Chandrettan Evideya gets over, with just two songs! Entertaining soundtrack from Prashant Pillai, but why so short?!

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

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