Ennum Eppozhum – Music Review (Malayalam Soundtrack)

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Pulari Poo Pennin comes off as Vidyasagar making up for Raja’s absence to director Sathyan Anthikkad – while the composer is known to channel Raja-inspired sounds into his songs, this one sounds a lot more his idol than him. That aside, decent song well delivered by Vijay Yesudas, the arrangement gets better in the interludes – particularly liked that classical snippet neatly tucked into the second interlude (mohanam raga). Riding on that beautiful maappila paattu cadence, Vidyasagar crafts a lovely melody in Nilaavum Maayunnu, one that is owned by Harishankar with a fabulously soulful rendition. Not to understate the orchestration one bit though, the occasional shifts to ghazal-esque mode are deftly handled.

Possibly her first song with the composer after the one that made her famous ten years back (Ra Ra from Chandramukhi), Vidyasagar chooses Binny Krishnakumar once again for a classical piece, and once again a dance piece from the sound of it (wonder if Manju Warrier is going to be dancing onscreen to this, would be awesome if she were; last I remember seeing her dance is also in an Anthikkad movie, Thooval Kottaaram). Being her area of strength, Binny handles the singing exceptionally in Dhithiki Dhithiki, set to a rather curious-sounding raga (it is sarasangi, Rajasekharan Krishnakumar informs in comment). Final track Malarvaaka Kombathu is the one that falls in the trademark haunting melody category from the composer’s arsenal. And yet it is like the composer reinventing himself, never before do I remember hearing such a techno-loaded sound from the man. The effect is a dreamy, almost remix-y quality about the track that works very well with the classical-tinged melody (abheri raga, possibly). Jayachandran and Rajalakshmi (whose talent only Vidyasagar seems to notice even after so many years) handle the vocals well, though the twang of processing in the veteran’s voice annoys.

First Mariyam Mukku and now Ennum Eppozhum. The year is looking good for Vidyasagar. And so is his combination with Sathyan Anthikkad.

Music Aloud Rating: 7.5/10

Top Recos: Nilaavum Maayunnu, Malarvaaka Kombathu, Dhithiki Dhithiki

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