Nerungi Va Muthamidaathe – Music Review (Tamil Movie Soundtrack)

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Shankar Mahadevan’s spirited folksy singing and Madley Blues’ rock ‘n roll arrangement make for an interesting combination, Josh Mark Raj’s guitar work and Jai Row Kavi’s drums being the standout elements in the background. Things get even better in the second half when the naadaswaram-thavil set (Balasubramani and Venkat) gets thrown into the mix. Hey Suttrum Boomi’s breeziness led by Keba Jeremiah’s guitars is familiar, but thankfully not in a tedious manner. The star of the song is Mili Nair anyway, with occasional assistance from the Madley Blues man Harish Venkat. Composers employ a sombre rock-flavoured arrangement to provide a rousing backdrop to the pensive tune of Yaar. A tune that is delivered beautifully by Nandini Srikar with some nice backing harmonies arranged by the lady herself. And the best song, Yaarum Paakkaama, a track that is ruled by Karthick Iyer with some brilliant violin solo work, even as the rest of the band produces some fabulous work in support. Behind the mic there is the ever-reliable Chinmayi carrying off her part in style.

Nerungi Va Muthamidaathe. A fine follow-up from Prashanth and Harish aka Madley Blues to their promising debut last year. And a hat tip for the choice of singers!

Music Aloud Rating: 8/10

Top Recos: Yaarum Paakkaama, Kaligaalam, Yaar

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