Peruchaazhi – Music Review (Malayalam Movie Soundtrack)

peruchaazhi posterThe title song Adichu Polikkaam might as well have been a Tamil hero intro song, but for the Malayalam lyrics (by Rajeev Nair). Entertaining song nevertheless, composer Navin “Arrora” Iyer and singer Karthik (with some nice chorus to boot) pack enough punch from their respective ends to ensure that. Liked the inclusion of trumpet and mandolin in the proceedings. United States of Adipolica is an interesting expansion for USA; the paean to Lalettan is otherwise very typically Blaaze, occasionally going beyond that courtesy Arrora’s background work (once again backing vocalists used well).

The title Po Mone Dinesha would imply that the next song is also a general tribute to the leading man, but apart from that phrase there is nothing that indicates anything of that sort. In fact the lyrics don’t even make much sense a lot of times! If you are able to block that out though, there is some trippy percussion-heavy arrangement from Arrora in this dance track (with some nifty touches in places, like the accordion in the first interlude). Jyotsna and the chorus ace the vocals in her version; Andrea is not as effective in the alternate version. The Peruchaazhi Theme (Don’t Mess With Me) also has Blaaze in the lead, but this time the song is much more imaginative mix of techno and hip hop and folk elements. Random lyrics again though. Composer gets Bombay Jayashri for the only song that doesn’t take the fast lane, Enthu Cheyyaan, and the lady sounds lovely as ever. Good melody too, given an ambient orchestration by Navin that sees some nice violins and flute (presumably played by the man himself).

Arrora’s Malayalam debut is a good demonstration of the man’s adeptness at arrangement. Peruchaazhi soundtrack is unabashedly massy though, and clearly for Lalettan fans. In some ways this soundtrack takes me back to Lalettan’s own Chhota Mumbai (that I would rate higher on a comparative scale by the way). Which incidentally marked the debut of another man, Rahul Raj.

Music Aloud Rating: 7/10

Top Recos: Enthu Cheyyaan, Adichu Polikkaam, Peruchaazhi Theme

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